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Summer Camp 2016: „Rebellious Summer Camp meets Kurdish Refugees“

Summer Camp 2016

Rebellious Summer Camp meets Kurdish Refugees“

Friends for Life – Recreation – International Solidarity live!

23rd of July – 13th of August: Youth Camp

30th of July – 13th of August: Children’s Camp

Truckenthal/Thuringia (Thüringen)

Off to the rebellious Youth Camp!

As many people as never before flee from war, environmental destruction, hunger! The politics of the Bundesregierung relays on walling-off! We stand up against this politics and realize a rebellious refugee politics on the summer camp. Let us stand up for a world, in which the peoples live together in solidarity and self-determined. We support the reconstruction of Kobanê/Syria. There the Kurds build-up a democratic self-government. And here we support the refugees accommodation “Haus der Solidarität” at the vacation and recreational facility Truckenthal, a refugees accommodation of a special kind. The Kurdish refugees elect democratic structures and manage the accommodation together with the house direction and population.

  • Practical Solidarity

Carry out practical help and solidarity, which depends on mutual learning, e.g. language courses German-Kurdish/Kurdish-German; Medical treatment and training of first aiders; gathering of clothes; dialogues with the population; women’s meetings, events.. Highlight is the opening ceremony on the 6th of August of the “Haus der Solidarität”

  • Antifascist & Internationalist

With camp radios and events we exchange ourselves with the youth of the world and engage ourselves with the topics: “Integration as rebellious”, Youth movement in Germany in the Near and Middle East”, “Flight and its cause”, Why Nazi-Organisations have to be forbidden”,

  • Sports and Fun

On a daily basis there will a lots of sports and cultural offers. Getting to know country, people and nature; party, dancing, music, swimming, volleyball, martial arts, trips to the surroundings, educational events… .

  • Constructional works

We lay on hands to build-up the facility further and learn wood works, gardening and painting under competent guidance.

  • Service

Rinsing, cleaning, order and cleanliness, we organize our camp on ourselves and everybody lends a hand.

Come to the Adventure Children’s Camp!

Red Foxes for the House of Solidarity!

You are in a tent group with 10 children and 4 caretakers.

In the tent groups you will spend the whole week together.

Also together with refugees children who will live on the facility.

All Children sleep in tents.

  • Discover the world: We get to know the refugees in the “Haus der Solidarität” We teach us in German and Kurdish, play, cook and party together.

  • Experience nature and adventures: We go on stalk in the forest! There we experience many an adventure, which we will overcome with courage and team spirit. We make thrilling nature experiments, build dams in the stream, get to know animals at first hand. We get to know the environmental destruction and get to be real fighters for the environment!

  • Instead of just watching “Bob” on TV, you will be a builder! Experienced workers show us how we finish the refugees accommodation “Haus der Solidarität”. Last year we build a sand box and restored a swing. Also we support with rinsing, surrounding cleaning service,…

  • Sports and games: In the morning we will do exercise to get awake, when there is good weather, we can also go swimming, at the sports ground football, volleyball or game of tag and many more can be played. Together we want to rehearse a theatrical play.

  • Show, what’s inside of you! On the camp everybody gets an assignment and will be trained for it: reporter, leader, cashier, sports fox, food fox, ambulance fox and many more.

Subcribe now! 1 week from 140€! Refugees only 70€ per week!

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